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The effect of Rehmannia glutinosa root on the cardiovascular system

①The effect on the heart. Experiments have proved that Rehmannia glutinosa extract has a significant effect on the contractility of the frog's heart, and it is more pronounced on the weakened heart, but large doses can poison the normal frog's heart. Rats are intravenously injected with ethanol extract and water extract of Rehmannia glutinosa , Has a significant inhibitory effect on the heart, slowing down the heartbeat or even stopping it. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the toxicity to the heart when using large doses of Rehmannia glutinosa.

②The effect on blood pressure. Rats were intraperitoneally injected with water, alcohol, and ether extracts of Rehmannia glutinosa. The results showed that: the water extract had a significant effect on lowering acute experimental hypertension, while the alcohol and ether extracts had no significant effect on hypertension, and had no significant effect on cold (room temperature 23 Celsius) has a stabilizing effect on blood pressure. Intravenous injection of Rehmannia glutinosa extract in rabbits and dogs can increase blood pressure. When the hind legs of toads are perfused, the medium concentration causes the blood vessels to contract, and the high concentration causes the blood vessels to dilate. Intravenous injection of the alcohol extract of Huaiqing Dihuang to anesthetized dogs and rabbits can reduce blood pressure. Experiments show that Liuwei Dihuang Decoction can significantly lower blood pressure, improve renal function, and reduce mortality in rats with experimental renal hypertension.

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